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Leica Aibot Aerial Data Capture Platform

Intelligent Aerial Mapping Solutions For Surveying & Construction

Introducing the Leica Aibot Aerial Data Capture Platform, the total UAV solution for construction and surveying that enables fast and flexible data collection. An easy workflow integrated into the Leica Geosystems ecosystem guides you through your project life-cycle, providing you with quick access to critical information to perform your everyday tasks.

Requirements and expectations from engineers, site manager, construction companies, regulators Professional surveying, geo mapping and asset inspection are dynamic processes, the base for many engineering projects and public administrations keep increasing. For Surveying, When more material needs to be moved quicker and operating margins get tighter, the bar for new technologies is raised and for Construction, can be optimised for each application from identifying property boundary lines over topographic mapping to insurance value assessments and classification.

The Leica Aibot Aerial Data Capture Platform brings several improvements to the industry by capturing data faster to generate accurate orthophotos, 3D models and point clouds in high density.

Efficient flight planning simplifies parameters essential for professional photogrammetry. UAV surveying has been proven to be faster, safer and more cost effective than traditional survey, making it the perfect addition to the traditional surveying equipment portfolio.

To get a clear and up-to-date view over construction progress and earthmovings, The Leica Aibot Aerial Data Capture Platform solution allows to capture accurate data to monitor and survey the construction site. It opens opportunities for daily progress documentation, stockpile monitoring and resource tracking to increase efficiency. The Leica Aibot Aerial Data Capture Platform is an additional solution within the Leica Geosystems offering bringing the construction site into the digital age and turning data into intelligent information to improve decision making processes.


Leica Aibot Aerial Data Capture Platform improves performance & efficiency :

  • Current data of the construction site used as basis for progress reporting, stock pile management, and more
  • Centimeter accuracy data to trust
  • Enhanced safety with remote data capture
  • Efficiency increased by no need to interrupt construction work during data capture
  • Share one data set with all stakeholders
  • Faster completion of project thanks to lesser set-ups
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Brings survey from the site to the office
  • Captures and stores information of a place at a specific time

and intelligent workflows

and intelligent workflows


Leica Aibot AX20

Highest flying performance and safety

Leica Aibot AX20


As a complete workflow management solution, UAV technology allows you to process and analyse millions of data points gathered from above and to visualise the data to provide actionable information. UAV data can be combined with existing survey technologies, such as TPS, GPS, and laser scanning providing a more complete set of information. By taking only minutes to survey a site, UAVs enable the completion of projects at a lower cost and with fewer staff.



Complete Solution

The Leica Aibot provides a complete UAV solution for surveying, mapping and construction. It enables fast data collection and an easy workflow that guides you through your project lifecycle providing you quick access to critical information to perform your day-to-day work.

Strong Partnership

The UAV used for the Leica Aibot surveying and mapping solution is provided by DJI, the world’s leading manufacturer of UAVs. Together with Leica Geosystems, they build a strong partnership that drives UAV adoption in the surveying and construction industries.

System Integration

Strong system integration plays a vital role in delivering aerial data capture solutions. By fully leveraging DJI’s innovative aerial devices with Leica Geosystems extensive expertise in high accuracy measurement sensors, the full potential of UAV technology will be unlocked.

The Future Surveyor

Developments created by this partnership help those operating in the surveying and construction industries who adopt the latest technology and software to help make the most informed decisions possible. The future surveyor will make use of UAV technology.


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